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Fixing Fits, An Experiment

So this is a bit different to usual. I’ve had this video recorded for a little while now and felt like it would be better to post it and see what people think rather than rushing my next text article out straight away. It’s a bit of a Pyfa ‘tutorial’ that goes through and fixes up fits. Let me know what you think of this style and if anything else like this would be good. It’s not scripted at all so I just sorta kept going and published it completely unedited! It also ends abruptly and my right clicks are invisible. Enjoy ;D

What I’m really trying to show you is how I take apart a fit and the steps I take to try and improve something based on a particular theme. Of course, there are a million different ways to fit a ship, but my focus here was on improving what the original user seemed to be going for. I’m not going to turn a HAM brawler into an RLML kiter, for example. This is how I am most often approached or perhaps someone might say “do you have a fit for x?” It’s a good way of starting a fit and works fine in this case.

For the fits in this video I worked on:

  • HAM Brawler Caracal Navy Issue
  • Repping neuting Stratios
  • Exploration Astero
  • Combat Astero
  • Interceptor-style dual prop Dramiel
  • Apparently I started a Garmur fit and never finished the video 😀

Looking back there are a few other comments I would make. For example, drone durability on an Astero can sometimes go a long way when fighting another Astero. The drone war is real. Hopefully, this gives some sort of insight into how I go about my fits and how I design for a specific purpose. For a more in-depth look please check out How 2 Fit.

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