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EVE Academy

Remember when you started EVE? Or maybe you haven’t started playing yet and it still looks like some sort of crazy black box of esoteric knowledge that you just can’t penetrate. Either way, EVE is known for having one of the steepest learning curves of all. When you die in EVE you die in real life lose your ship and everything in it. It’s a harsh wake-up call for many new players and that only adds on to what appears to be a complex interface and an intimidatingly dark universe. So how do we fix that? How do we help new players breach that initial barrier before they set off for greatness of their own?

Enter EVE Academy. This is a fantastic new player resource borne through the efforts of CCP’s Community & Brand teams and myself. This site is not intended to replace the existing (amazing) community resources. Instead, it’s here to augment them and serve as a starting point from which new players can really get a feel for who they’re going to be and how they can accomplish that.

It’s currently in a bit of a beta stage where new content is still being added, but you’ve already got something like 12,000 words in there already. It’s a hell of a lot of content and the rest of the Brand team did an amazing job at laying it out and making sure that it’s easily digestible.

The site is currently split into a main home page with generic resources and content, followed by four paths for the following professions:

Each one has a ton of information, headlined by a selection of beginner tutorial videos. I’m going to embed an example of one of those new videos below. There are plenty more (on Youtube and the Academy) so make sure you check them out. More will be coming soon too!

If you’ve got any feedback, you should be able to leave it on the page directly. If not then there’s the forum thread and you could probably also speak to me directly and I’ll pass it on where relevant. I sincerely hope that this helps new players excel in EVE, and not just with spreadsheets. 😉

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  1. Of the two videos posted, the industrial one comes across more like the old trailers of eve (like this is eve), of course CCP dont really do trailers so much know (too busy monetizing their game) but it was good to watch, The other video I think will help newer players understanding a little of those mechanics but I still think that it will become lost in the noise of eve, however a good palce to point people when they are asking questions that need long answers

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