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CSM17 – Public Wormhole Townhall

So CSM season has come around once again; perhaps it’s time to resurrect an ancient wormhole space tradition: the Wormhole Townhall. Many of you may feel that wormhole space has been neglected or lacking proper representation for the past few years, despite my best efforts to support this. In the end, I think we just want to at least avoid becoming the collateral damage of EVE once again.

To that end, Foxholers will be hosting the Wormhole Townhall at 20:00-22:00 UTC on Saturday 4 June supported by several CSM candidates potentially including Mark Resurrectus, Phantomite, Pando, Stitch Kaneland, and more!

This will be hosted as a moderated discussion on the Foxholers Discord server and may be streamed through TiS pending further organisation.


You might be asking now, what is a townhall? Put simply, a townhall is a public meeting for a community to come together and discuss the topics that are important to them. To bring them to a wider audience and to start creating solutions. In EVE this translates to a two-hour voice discussion led by myself, Teddy, and attending CSM candidates. Attendees will be given their chance to voice opinions and the final recording will be presented to CCP.

Agenda (subject to change):

  • Recap of the changes in wormhole space over the last year
  • PvE – How about revamping those C4 sites eh? +ore anomalies etc.
  • Scanning, Exploration, & Unique WH Features – Nothing has changed in years, should it?
  • PvP – Cap brawling is long dead, how is the rest going?
  • Battleships and Balance – How are marauders faring and should anything change?
  • Structures and Evictions
  • Your topic here! – There will be time for more open discussion.

Again, you can join this on the Foxholers Discord server at 20:00 UTC on Saturday 4 June.

Any further CSM members or candidates are welcome to attend and bring their views and discussion points. Just hop onto Discord and give Ashy or Teddy a poke.

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  1. Coconut Coconut

    We have alasker to (hopefully) represent wormhole this round

    • I would argue that Mark Resurrectus is the better choice

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