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CSM 17 – Ashy’s Ballot

I have been asked by a few people who I’m voting for this year. It’s also probably in my best interest that we try to get a solid wormhole candidate in. Wormholes have historically been one of the least represented demographics on the council and I argue that having a true wormholer there will help bring about a more balanced discussion for all involved. It’s not just nullsec that wants to PvP.

With that said, the candidate I am wholly supporting is Mark Resurrectus, leader of TURBOFEED OR GLORY. If you don’t consider the other candidates on my ballot then you should at least consider Mark. He’s the most likely wormhole candidate to be voted in, but it’s not a sure shot. A vote for Mark Resurrectus is your way of standing up for wormhole space.



The Ballot

  1. Mark Resurrectus
  2. Stitch Kaneland
  3. Ithica Hawk
  4. Phantomite
  5. Pandoralica
  6. Winzentowitsch Madeveda
  7. Steve Ronuken

You can read more about them and jump to their campaign threads below. Reach out to them on Discord!

Mark Resurrectus

Mark is a wormholer who truly loves EVE and wormhole space. It’s clear from any of his interviews and from knowing him personally that he knows his stuff.

He’s smart and he knows how to communicate. Those are two of the most important things that any CSM member needs when dealing with CCP.

Discord: djkaktus#0001

Stitch Kaneland

If there’s anyone in EVE who knows theorycrating and balance, it’s Stitch. Just take a look at his Youtube channel to hear his explanations of how he fits and flies his ships.

Better than that, he has proven experience of creating solid balance passes which have gone on to be seen in real updates to EVE.

Discord: Stitch156#5315

Ithica Hawk

Ithica has experienced the entire canvas that EVE has to offer in his decade of spaceships and spreadsheets. I place him high on the list as he is someone I know will support wormholes if Mark doesn’t get in.

Ithica is otherwise well ingrained in the tournament scene as a caster and host. He has top-notch communication skills Also: #vote4ithica. I will mention cat ears

Discord: Ithica Hawk#7487


While Phantomite might not be everyone’s cup of tea, he has some bright ideas and is always open to speaking with the community about their issues.

He’s a good choice if you want someone to voice your opinions.

Discord: whispous#8537


I wouldn’t normally recommend such a large bloc candidate, but if you are going to pick any of them then Pando is great. He’s an FC and theorycrafter with a great personality.

Most of my experience working with him was when I interviewed him for my PC Gamer article about the eviction of Hard Knocks!

Discord: Pando#6816

Winzentowitsch Madeveda

It’s unlikely for there to be a world where Mark does not get in and Winzent does. Regardless, he’s another good wormhole pick and is someone with more of a hand in industry than Mark.

Winzent is also a fellow cat ears enjoyer. A vote for him is a vote for cat ears and difficult-to-pronounce names.

Discord: Leon/Winzent#1878

Steve Ronuken

If all else fails, Fuzzy Steve is going to be a solid choice. He’s the main candidate for third party devs and industry, returning now for a seventh term.

Just take a look through his site, Fuzzworks, to get an idea of just how smart Steve is. It’s no stretch to say that New Eden would be a very different place without him and his tools.

Discord: Steve Ronuken#4681

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