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Stormy Skies Over J134716

Let me tell you a bit about what happened this weekend. A battle raged over the system of J134716, a class 4 vanilla wormhole with C3 and C6 statics. This was (and may still be in the future) the home of the Polish corp alliance: Useless Idea [Ship Happens…]. This was what is commonly known in the wormhole community as an eviction and, in this case, the aggressors were P A R A B E L L U M, Rusty Hyenas, several Russian allies, and… Foxholers!

It might come as a surprise to some of you who know me that I would choose to be a part of this. I am typically very anti-eviction. We’ll get to that later. For now, we can talk about what happened.

What Happened?

On Thursday evening, Parabellum and friends entered J134716 with their usual heavy armour beam Absolution fleet. They swiftly anchored a POS, a Raitaru, and began the process of reinforcing structures. This is commonly done on a Thursday in wormhole space as it means that timers will align for the weekend, resulting in the best possible chance of a big fight and easier organisation overall. To my knowledge, this went without incident for the most part. You don’t want to defend your shield timers anyway since it’s too risky to potentially lose your pods early on. It was around this time that Foxholers (us) noticed what was going on.

The initial attack

Following a command meeting within Foxholers we decided to make our move and contact Parabellum and get in on the action. Some ideas were thrown around about just third party-ing the whole thing too. Initially they didn’t need our help, but the next day that would change.

On day two a frig hole opened up. Frigate sized wormholes are terrifying for eviction attackers since the defenders can get in as many friends as they want. And if they have ships to hand out then every shuttle can easily become another battleship. This was when our offer was taken up, calling the foxes to form Stormbringers and Skybreakers with Loki support in Jita. Ships capable of using lightning-based Vorton weapons to arc to ten other targets while having low single-target damage.

Take a look at this battle report and you’ll see exactly what those Stormbringers were for. By sitting a ship on the hole and repping it, we were able to effectively “remote smartbomb” the wormhole. This let us instakill any shuttles entering the wormhole – a tactic which I am told the defenders found extremely demoralising. Useless Idea spent some time here mulling over how our tactic was impossible to beat and that the Stormbringers had destroyed their hopes of getting people in to fight. There are certainly some easy ways around it, though, you just need to think about the limitations of this frig hole control and what gets past it! At least some of them were good sports about their losses, including the self-professed “Elon Musk on meth“.

Over the course of the eviction there was not only one but three frig holes! We weren’t even holding control on them for all that long so there must have been quite the morale hit – or perhaps they burned every single batphone. Either way, the armour timer eventually came around and it was time to fight. Useless Idea and friends undocked with 60+ of the Foxholers-style cruise Praxis under the support of two Apostles, more.

It looked like a somewhat equal match in terms of numbers. From theorycrafting the cruise Praxis and having fought in it, I know exactly how strong they are. They could have beaten us easily, knocking out an Absolution every few seconds and using their frigate escape bays to reship into their ship stockpile. On top of this, their Fortizar could easily disable all of the Stormbringers they were so afraid of. I’ve even seen our friends in Prismatic Legion perform the Spiky Ball Defence. So what did this group choose to do in the face of a good fight and a great chance to win? They all docked back up again and let us win their armour timers unchallenged…

Due to spies, we found that they would then go on to attempt a move for hole control around midnight of the following day instead. Fine, great, we’ll get a fight from that. I filamented Foxholers out and we came back the next day. The leak ended up being quite true and at midnight on Saturday the Useless Idea forces undocked (with a greatly reduced number compared to before) and warped away from the strength of their Fortizar, reducing their efficacy further.

Notably, they warped their entire force to a crit wormhole. It was then closed, leaving them to fight over… nothing. The new static opened up elsewhere in the system. Usually, a good move here would be to force the wormhole closed using one ship then to scan and send your fleet to the new wormhole. This would allow you to control the new hole for at least a limited time in order to bring reinforcements (who should be on standby). What followed was the main battle of the eviction.

The battle itself involved several skirmishes between the Praxis and Absolution fleets while the foxes in Stormbringers caused chaos and deleted every single Praxis drone. It was mostly a game of booshing select ships out of Apostle range and deleting them with the Absolution fleet. My favourite one was when I accidentally grabbed a lone Scorpion as the caps warped off back to a structure.

We ended up winning the field and keeping the hole secure, taking a number of losses as we did so. Here’s the battle report. It took about two hours and if you prefer you can watch the events unfold in the video below.

The Aftermath

After the battle was won and hole control was secured for a further day, it came time to blow up their structures. Being wormhole space this meant all of the loot that could not log off in freighters would drop for the taking. I don’t know the final value that was dropped, but I suspect it is easily close to 200b ISK given the insane amount of hangar containers that dropped and the loot in some of them.

The loot!

We even managed to launch a can of extra loot collected by the spy! In Useless Idea’s public statement they mention that the spy “only stole 25b of unfitted ships”. He was, however, able to take something like 37b ISK with many of those being fully fitted ships. This was done by simply taking everything from the hangars as Useless Idea put stuff into them. The spy was then simply requested access to another hangar, received it, and stripped that one too.

I’m very impressed with the professionalism of Parabellum, Rusty Hyenas, Mgla, and friends. It is rare that I get to work with the Russian community; we are usually on opposite sides of various conflicts. I don’t plan on many evictions in the future, but it will be good to see you all and have some good fights in the future.

You can read the Useless Idea official statement below in the original Polish and a translation. As you read, I will remind you that they refused the equal fight which they could have won and did not think of the tactic to beat Stormbringers.


During the night from Sunday to Monday 28.06, Useless Idea has been successfully evicted from their wormhole by combined forces of P A R A B E L L U M, Mgla. and Outfoxed. After the first timer aggressors started hole control and didn’t let any allied forces in.

One day before, during Saturday’s night we attempted one last time to get the hole control. We started at 2 am encountering surprisingly big enemy forces. After 3 hours of a constant fight we lost the fight. The enemies were reacting with extreme precision to every action we were taking and we had to give in. Today we got an information that the whole operation was planned for a long time and that we had a spy planted that was relaying all strategic information to them. At the very end the spy took ships worth 25b (w/o fits) which were donated by the corp-mates for the defence of our common weal.

We would like to thank everyone that attempted to enter the wormhole – the answer of our allies was really reassuring.

We would like to congratulate our aggressors. The fact of using such lowly methods is really flattering, it suggests that they thought it wouldn’t be as easy in an open fight.

On 27th June our corporation became stronger, not weaker and that’s what matters. Till next time

In the end, I’m sorry for what happened to some individuals in Useless Idea. A bad attitude to fighting or poor eviction planning by some does not mean that everyone in the corp is a bad person and I hope that the corp itself doesn’t collapse. If anything, they can galvanise and come together again. My advice to a corp having been evicted recently would be to reflect and to use the opportunity to grow in a new direction. Find what you disliked about how things used to be and cut it out.


I was personally messaged and asked about my motivations for taking part in this eviction several times over the weekend. That’s totally understandable as I am usually very against evictions. The last one I attempted was nearly two years ago and I only did it because of pressure from within the corp. This time, though, was different. Foxholers had been planning an eviction in coalition with The Nameless Alliance for a few weeks prior to the events of the weekend. When we found out that Parabellum and Rusty Hyenas had initiated their own eviction independent of us, we figured it only made sense to get in on the action.

The actual reasons why aren’t entirely personal to me. Useless Idea did not personally wrong me, though they have rolled us out in chain without good reason in the past. As per ye olde book of wormhole bushido, that’s a no go. Rolling people off when you could instead have some level of content is just wrong. If you must roll then just talk about it and be honest.

The bigger reason, though, is that Useless Idea has something of a reputation within the Polish community. They are not liked very much, to say the least, and their CEO, Nythyx, does not have a good reputation himself. I have heard him referred to as a half-assed Gigx with ego problems. Here’s some info provided by one of my foxes:

I’d say that’s mostly a combination of hostility acquired over the years and a rather bad reputation of Nythyx and the “old guard” of UI. They usually present themselves as something between “trolls”, “we play the game the way we want”, “we like to ruin others’ game” and switching to “we are open and trustful corporation for new players”. Their current business model seems to be pretty much recruiting as many new Polish players and switch structures from time to time to get all the old assets. You’ve also seen several times now how they act and react. They already switched to victim propaganda with a newly established rewritten history while just trolling and trying to blame everything but their incompetence and unwillingness to fight.

As for bad reputation – I always avoided drama, especially Polish one – never really looked too deep into it but at the very least I can say that it is known to me along with some urban legends – all despite not having an interest in it all heard over the span of like 5 or 6 years completely randomly by random Polish players.

I’ve also spoken to Parabellum about this to get an idea of why they attacked in the first place. Again, this was to be our op some time in the summer – they just got there first:

First of all, we don’t need an actual reason to do an eviction. It is a part of WH lifestyle and we see it as a sportsmanship. We are not driven by hate or any other emotional reasons.

However this time there were some and this is the story:


The story began a year ago when a small, but proud corp “Rusty Hyenas” was searching for a worthy rival to start an honourable eviction and see who’s better. They have chosen Useless Idea for these reasons: they were alike in numbers (approx 20 ppl those days), they were active and they were PVP focused.

So RH deployed a POS and started the show.

That days they were young and a little bit naive and thought that everyone in w-space follows w-bushido warrior code and fights honourably without overblobbing. US3 gave them a hard lesson bringing in a 70 ppl blob including n-sec Si-Co and stomping a small corp into the dirt.

That day RH decided they will evict US3 one day to close this gestalt and restore the damaged honour.

Some time has past, Hyenas became older and stronger, things happened here and there and they finally decided that the time has come to do what must have been done. However this time they did some homework, counted the heads of potential allies of the US3, and brought us(PR.BL) as a counterweight for the potential blob.

Rusty Hyenas are our friends for a long time, we meet IRL and do a lot of content together. So bringing us into it was an obvious decision.
We know that US3 ia an ally to HC – they helped HC to defend from us during Avanto eviction and few other times. Knowing that we were preparing to face HC defensive doctrine and the entire G-force blob on US3 side + linknet + cesko-slovenska + god knows who would US3 call from nullsec.

It seems we were not mistaken, HC was trying to get in the entire OPS, however it seems like some other groups rejected the invitation. And this was the first thing that surprised me, but definitely not the last.

As soon as we started evicting US3, i was immediately contacted but some people offering intel and information on ships and doctrine for defence. We were also were contacted by Foxholers who offers a help with controlling the frighole with their Stormbringers fleet. We didn’t reject and it happened to be a good decision – there were three frigholes during this OP which is absolute record.

Some random people wished us luck and told they are happy US3 will be evicted.

El Janah – P A R A B E L L U M

Here is another post from Useless Idea about their side of things

To round things out, here’s a gallery of screenshots collected by the foxes and a little meme. There’s also a short video of when I lost my Stormbringer and resorted to rookie ship looting! 😛

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  1. Winzentowitsch Madevada Winzentowitsch Madevada

    You forgot to mention the Sanguine Harvester! Most important part of camping a frighole.

  2. Kroarr Sark Kroarr Sark

    I am new pilot joined WH. Never heard of drama of UI not about what Nythyx did. What I have to admit the biggest toxicity I witnessed came from the community, throwing insults on every random UI member. Some of these „haters” was not even part of this game when ancient things happend and still follow the hate whatever Nythyx did. I am not defending him, just can tell – he is not better, not worse than any person i met in this game judging on my contacts so far.
    That was a good time to fight. Finding out that guy who joined same time as me, as a spy, just make me even more tied to people who show me the ropes. Don’t know the thing about bushido but speaking about equal fight is bit not true while you are stealing things and not being honest about your intentions. Not salty at all, just neutral observation.

  3. Cable Cable

    I was not involved and not in any of these corps, just read your blog and live in WH space. This is lame and your justification is lame as well. Seems like you just piled in for some easy kills and loot. Evictions are already hard enough to defend against. Instead of making up weak excuses like “they refused a fair fight” or “I heard some bad things about the CEO”, you should just describe it for what it was.

    • I am describing it like it is though. This was mostly a grudge that the Polish community has with them, the shit that happened in chain was just extra fuel on the fire. I admit that I personally wanted to do this for fun as well, but I hope this appeases you..?

      • I feel like the more common evictions are, the better it is for people living in wormhole space to learn about keeping unnecessary assets in wormholes. Blobbing can damage ones’ ability to get a good fight (and thus practice fighting) but it looks like they had a golden opportunity with a huge cruise missile fleet and fax….they left it on the table.

        Damn shame.

    • TF TF

      Even if they just “piled in for some easy kills and loot” that’s okay too. Evictions are a part of wormhole life. The moment you move into J space, you better have an idea how you’re going to defend (or not defend) against one. If you haven’t thought it through, you’re going to be disappointed. No need to call it “lame.”

  4. ophten ophten

    The Stormbringers weren’t the “underhanded” tactics to which Useless Idea was referring. That tactic was awesome.

    It was describe to me that Foxholers were initially listed and agreed to as allies with access to the shared resources for organizing the defense. That this trust was then used to remove those shared resources after the fight for hole had begun and that Foxholers joined the aggressors. Its one thing to have a spy in a corp for intel, its completely another thing for someone to negotiate help in a defense and switch sides. that is a no go as per ye olde book of wormhole bushido

    • What the hell? I will need to speak to your command guys then because that is not at all true. We had some Useless Idea members come to us for a batphones and they poked random non-command Foxholers. As far as I know they were rejected as we were planning this anwyay!

      Please contact me on Discord Laura#1479 so I can find out what happened here. If you would rather chat here for full transparency then that is fine too.

      There was a spy, yes. He was organised by the Polish people in Foxholers. I would never negotiate defending then switch sides. That would be disgusting behaviour

  5. BF BF

    I am not sure i understand that correctly but looks like you used the spy to get all the intel you could get your hands on, you say they rolled you so you were angry about that they didn’t want to fight you, so instead you decided to fight dirty and exploit game and trust mechanics to win the eviction. How was that spy planted?

    • We planned an eviction ahead of time and this spy was to provide some intel. That didn’t happen, though. We saw Parabellum attacking and the spy was just like “hey I’ll join them” and got himself recruited.

      I wrote about this, but Foxholers only made up like 10-20% of the forces if that (+frig control).

      • Random Pilot Random Pilot

        Not true at all.
        The Spy joined Useless Idea 10 days prior to Parabellum showing up.

        At least have the decency to be accurate.

        • I know… we started planning this about 2 weeks before Parabellum showed up so that lines up perfectly. I can even show you the ping where I asked my corp to start training the doctrine if necessary.

      • Godzik Godzik

        Uhm it seems like a lies ? spy name is known and it turns out he got recruited 2 weeks before, so all “opportunity spying” seems like a lie….

        • You want proof then? Here’s straight from my ping channel

          Still not sure? Cross-reference it with the images I posted on Twitter at the time.

          This was not opportunity based. The spy was intentionally planted for a future op in the summer. It just so happened that Parabellum showed up. We had NO IDEA about that. We just figured we would join in. They did the heavy lifting here

          • Godzik Godzik

            This SS doesnt prove anything, it doesnt really have to… backstabbing, spying…. and the more you trying to explain everything, the more it looks like lies.

            I wish you all the best – hope foxhollers wont burry themselves in bad opinion

          • I’ve been honest from the start and any reasonable person can see that here. I am only explaining myself quite literally in answer to you.

            As I said in another comment, I am also very confused about why you think I’m backstabbing here.

        • BF BF

          “this spy was to provide some intel. That didn’t happen, though.” – official statement from Useless Idea said that he provided strategic intel. That in midnight they got surprised with 70 enemy pilots ready. So the spy provided intel. So you used this spy to win this eviction. Am I correct?

          • The spy certainly played a role by relaying information. I don’t see your point though. Intel is intel

  6. Godzik Godzik

    On reddit you can find your own comment, that you already removed a part of your blog article… you lied ? or someone lied to you and you just repeat it ? it all seems very fishy, thats all….

    • A trusted member informed me of something serious and provided screenshots. I was contacted by UI and they cleared things up, requesting that I remove it. I did so at their request. There was no lie there.

      I have to assume at this point that you are just trolling and if so then you got me good, well done.

      • Godzik Godzik

        Just pointing out that this looks wierd, all the explaining shit and stuff and not everything checks out. As i said i wish you all the best, too bad you think I am trolling.

        Fly safe o7

  7. Thanks for the insight report about the battle!
    Great stuff to read and also amazing pictures! Great content, this is what the EVE Community needs.

  8. It’s been a long while since I really played, but I have always enjoyed reading your content.

    I love the use of Stormbringers to run control on frigate holes! Using a tanky ship as a literal lightning rod is genius as well! I’m already thinking up other areas that could be used… haha..

    Damnit now I’m gonna have to come back and play. 🙂

  9. Aaron Aaron

    What bullshit is this that they are taking revenge after they failed to evict them?! Wtf. As if you fight honorable when it comes to eviction. So i go and put a pos in fox´s hole with a 5 man corp. But dont blobb me or else….grrrr! What kind of BS is that. If somebody comes in my hole to evict me i throw everything i got.

    And i got to say that having a spy in a corp when you evict them is a petty thing…..not only for intel….for stealing assets and stuff. Where is your honor? The initiator of an eviction is at first always in favour. Cause u have more people inside and are prepared….so taking in a spy is just risk awareness and cowardice. Seeing u fly with parabellum was a little shock to me, but all that spy crap is the biggest dissapointment.

    Was a fan of you guys.

    • Vincent Qu Vincent Qu


      If all it took for you to stop being our fan is to believe this story then you were never truly a fan 🙂 Carry on your salt and lies. Ask questions if you want to know the true perspective.

    • Dariod Sarn Dariod Sarn

      As if you fight honorable when it comes to eviction. So i go and put a pos in fox´s hole with a 5 man corp. But dont blobb me or else….grrrr!

      – It was a mild sarcasm. Specifically it was explained in the “That days they were young and a little bit naive and thought that everyone in w-space follows w-bushido warrior code and fights honourably without overblobbing.” part.
      Its obvious that if it comes to eviction, both sides will use all resources they have.

      The initiator of an eviction is at first always in favour.

      – This is incorrect. Defending side is always advantageous due to having possibility to adapt to aggressor doctrine and having capital fleet at home. Also you people can rest and and lauch unexpected attacks on statics, while attackers have to exaust themselves by staying alert 24\7

      Seeing u fly with parabellum was a little shock to me

      – So it seems that all the emotions about US3 are correct – this is a good display of unreasonable toxicity.

  10. Not impressed Not impressed

    Evicting… fine. Blocking entrances… fine.

    But claiming they’re looking for good fights while spying for extreme strategic advantage and stealing the assets at the same time? That’s bullshit.

    I was part of “Blopping” Rusty Hyenas with Heaven’s Angels back in 2020. Back in the days we actually thought the hyenas is just an alt corp of PR.BL they use to ref shit before bringing the full force which is why we brought in everyone we got. And tbh HVEN+US3 did most of the control anyways and the rest of the SiCO *highsec* “blob” came just for show of force. How the hell could US3 know it’s just for “good fights” if their home gets invaded.

    • Vincent Qu Vincent Qu

      Your comment is “bullshit”. If you speak of extreme strategic advantage then it clearly shows you weren’t there. Speak more not.

      • Not impressed Not impressed

        I wasn’t in the leadership/planning channels but I know enough 🙂

        • Vincent Qu Vincent Qu

          You obviously do not 🙂 I was on the comms when “the spy” has been revealed and “his strategic role” is nothing but a joke. He just secured the loot that was to be destroyed by UI’s leadership.
          All you do is damaging relationship of a decent person using one of most popular weapon – spreading unsupported claims that are – in fact – nothing but gossips 🙂

    • Dariod Sarn Dariod Sarn

      Geez, you guys definetely lack sense of humor 🙂

  11. Urchin Rarin Urchin Rarin

    Very disappointed with such bullshit justification and turncoat behavior. Honorable eviction? Spais stealing and then even proudly posting about it? And then even had the gutts to talk about rolling away against wh bushido? LolWtf?

    Don’t know much about UI and their past grudges when I heard you are in I believed there is something actually behind it. This post just clarified there isn’t.
    Thought foxholers not to be a trAshy corp that is gone.

    • Vincent Qu Vincent Qu

      Bro, you got salt dripping out of your pocket. It was only UI immature rage that lead to any actions or posts being written. If not them (and their incredible lies, we would carry on like usual). As a Polish player I am deeply embarrassed with my peers behavior.

  12. Dave Dave

    It was my understanding that UI intended to self destruct the ships that were instead stolen after they refused to fight. The key being *after* they failed to defend armor timer. Putting a spy in to a eviction target corp is frankly just due diligence. The salt is because their midnight attempt to gain hole control failed as a result of the spy’s Intel. It’s hardly the first time that someone joined in on an eviction to get some content. Sadly most of this was denied by lack of defensive efforts. Why bring all those praxi in and not use them? They’re ultimately dead anyway if you don’t.

    If this is one weekend is enough to change your opinion of Foxholers then that really says more about you.

    Ashy didn’t have to post about this at all but wanted to give her side of things. All I see here is confirmation bias, you’re reading what you want to read.

  13. Ceyell Ceyell

    I do not speak for my Corp, alliance or organization I speak as a individual.
    Ashy did not turncoat. She came to me several weeks ago and teased she was planning a eviction to see if I would react as interested or not. She had every intention of evicting until someone beat her to it.
    UI has once offered to let me and pals roll a hole as is standard in WH then tried to kill the rollers. This act violates bushido. As such the Corp lost all protection bushido affords. UI brags about being the tough guys who don’t follow the rules. Therefore ashy not following the rules to attack them is justified. If UI wishes to live in wormholes they will need to change behavior.

  14. Andrew Andrew

    Foxhollers says bye, bye, to their home soon 😀

    • Vincent Qu Vincent Qu

      I will quote Gimli here: “Let them come!”.

  15. So many UI trying to flip the coin here. Looks like some cheating ex-gf that was toxic aand now too not look bad talks some lies but its short lived truth always win in time

    • Kroarr Sark Kroarr Sark

      No flip coin here.Toxic behavior is toxic, no matter which side.You spied – that’s ok, you did it efficient – that’s ok. However, stop being disrespectful. The only thing here is about motivation. You might want to check polish community posts – that’s real eye opener about “reputation”, “trolls” etc. Not defending UI, even thought I am obviously member of them, but trust me – both sides are not angel and you would be surprised to read some posts and comments 😉 I do not support tho any hate, but negative comments are not flip coin my friend.

  16. Hello all,

    I was there on the anti-eviction side the entire time, not a UI member though. I was the one who went around shooting bubbles for hours on end 😛

    Shoutout to both sides, it was a very fun experience! I feel bad UI lost so much, but thats wormhole life! Parabellum & friends were very organized and strategic, kudos to you such discipline is very impressive!

    As far as the spy goes: spies are fair game, especially for intelligence gathering, but stealing is a big no-no. Simply passing information is strategical, but abusing someone’s trust to steal from them is not. I don’t know why the spy thinks its cool to brag about being a thief; it makes for good stories but its not good for the health of the game and those playing it.

    Nyx was not a good FC, UI did not have any good PvP FCs in my opinion. The goal was to grab hole control to get reinforcements in, but leadership kept getting caught up looking for kills. Its like playing counter-strike but instead of planting or defusing the bomb you just try to kill the enemy team every game. Not to mention warping everything but the Apostle multiple times, leaving it behind to get saber bubbled. UI had the ships, but not the leadership or the numbers.

    Thanks Ashy for the write up, was interesting to read things from the other side’s perspective.

    • Thanks for the perspective!

      I can only apologise for the spy gloating – in the end he was only tangentially related and i still don’t know his full motivations. Think chaotic neutral maybe? 😛

      I think him stealing loot is part and parcel with what a spy does, though. As far as I know he only stole assets which were going to be self destructed, or so I’m told.

      I hope that the fight is better when UI come to evict us as they have stated many times. Foxes can be dangerous when cornered 😀

      • yeah we knew we were there just for fun after it took 20+ minutes to convince them that to break logi you have to countdown, overheat, and switch targets.

        the two times we went for hole control, we warped to a safe to prepare for new sig, but oops!! the apostle is still there! so both times every single ship had to warp back to save it!

        This was my first eviction and I enjoyed it… so I assume one with a very competent FC would be even more fun 🙂

        Goodluck and fly safe!

        • Kroarr Sark Kroarr Sark

          Very good and honest perspective. I totalny agree on every part. UI member speaking.

  17. Well from my view, as a long time strategist, is that mistakes were made and to the victor go the spoils. I witnessed what I consider a picture perfect control and logistics effort by the “bad guys/gals”. Being on the loosing side of this conflict thee things come to mind.

    1. Hole control was sacrificed in lieu of assumed fleet power by the residents.
    2. The Resident knew well before the actual 3 day event that something was up and for whatever reason chose not to diplo or communicate (as indicated by multiple skirmishes in the 3-4 weeks prior to event).
    3. I doubt that Ash was involved at the ground floor of Parabellum’s initial strategy (feel free Ash to correct me here but I can only see one 13 day spy indicating your and the alliance involvement. )

    Die well.


    • Dariod Sarn Dariod Sarn

      I can confirm that. Communication with Foxholers started after we launched an eviction. They were not a part of the original plan. Even MGLA. was a “backup plan” – we asked them to help after 40+ shuttles got in through second frighole

  18. boscoejones boscoejones

    Not sure if my previous comment went through. But ok I will log through WP.

    As a member of the fallen (or well… as an ally in that situation) and a strategist…

    Three things come to mind.

    1. The Spy. Well, we know about them. I have many of them. What was supposed to be a Null sec asset over many years proves to be quite valuable in WH.

    10-13 days of a member, and that member getting hangar access and other roles… Well done to the spy. 10000%

    And as a side note… that spy caused some great ripples within the group I belong to, and others, causing knee jerk breach of social contracts. Insurgency when well executed, should absolutely have that collateral effect.

    2. Hole control was sacrificed believing on station assets were enough to fend off any fleet. Hubris is hubris. Nuff Said

    2a. The conflict began about 4 weeks before the eviction (I think I am correct here but Ashy please feel free to adjust my perspective). The Residents had solid knowledge, as well as a past with Parabellum from a year ago (ish?). The bat phone rang for us 1 day prior to the impending event.

    3. Thanks to whatever Eris killed me so I could grab a beer with bitches back in Jita.

    Die well.


    • Hey sorry about your message. I have it set such that every one requires my approval because otherwise there is SO much spam that gets through.

      You’re right that I was NOT involved whatsoever in Parabellums’ strategy here. We started planning about 2 weeks before the op independently based on some Polish foxes. It was going to be our op in the summer/September. We only got involved when we saw that Parabellum were already there!

      What I find particularly crazy is that UI have given Parabellum so much credit for the eviction and are so happy with them, but Foxholers with 10-15% of the forces plus a spy… we’ve had no end of abuse, hatred, and threats to evict us in return.

      Another thing about the spy: he was mostly independent and a friend/acquaintance of some people in Foxholers. He did a good job of being a spy somehow. I heard he simply took an entire hangar then kindly asked for another one.

      See you guys on grid when you turn up/hire someone anyway

      • boscoejones boscoejones

        Well I mean I wonder why TiS isn’t talking about this. Or Asterothi? Everyone keeps saying that WH need a candidate and this is a big fight in WH. Triglavian this and Triglavian that…. (no offense to those fine folks)

        Thanks for approving the message and as I told your Diplo when we wanted to fight over a frig into our space, We voted and that diplo knows who we voted for.

        All the best to you and Teddy.


  19. Jon Jon


    Long time reader of the blog. In this blog entry you mention the “bushido code”, you also mentioned some sort of w-space honour code in the past and that you take it seriously. Can you write a blog post about it? I live on my own in w-space and I do what I can and have to to survive, as I’m in a fairly defenseless position against most PVP-oriented corps. That means engaging in fights happening in my system or aggressively rolling holes if I know that a dangerous WH corp is not too far away. So I’m wondering if this kind of actions would be considered to be bad manners.

    • I discuss it to an extent in the final section of my primer to WH space. It’s not as much of a thing these days so I’m not sure if it warrants as much of a full article on the topic. Generally, the principle is about acknowledging that the other group is also there for a good fight. We aren’t like nullsec savages fighting over objectives. We all want fun and the “bushido” was a way of preserving that.

      You do still see it sometimes. When you do it can often lead to a brawl where you lose horribly and go “damn they were good” rather than being upset.

      • Jon Jon

        Thanks, I had missed it. I agree with the general principle.

  20. […] Das Beitragsbild wurde von Ashy zur Verfügung gestellt. Ihr könnt ihren Beitrag zur Eviction auf ihrem Blog lesen: Stormy Skies Over J134716 » Ashy in Space […]

  21. Disappointed Disappointed

    The spy bit is frankly pretty sleezy of you. Disclaimer – I don’t even know who the wh corps you evicted was.

    Just because spy alts are so commonplace that they are considered normal and expected among nullblocs doesn’t mean it isn’t a sleezball tactic.

    If you care about being classy (your blog suggests you do) then I recommend you don’t look to nullbloc normality as your guiding light.

    • I thought I explained that one enough. The spy we had was a friend of some people in corp who did it because he wanted to help out and just willingly fed intel to us. We never planted a spy there intentionally, he just appeared and gave us intel.

      That said, I don’t mind spies at all to be honest. I think using one can be clever. There have been people who have had spies in Foxholers before, it just happens.

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