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In Case You Missed It: An Interview!

Because I’m terrible at timings and somehow didn’t post anything until now… I was interviewed by Talking in Stations! It’s a fun little jaunt through why the blog was created before we moved on to Radamere Johanson’s bit about hisec wars. It’d be criminal for me to not at least link to it once on my own site! You can find the audio version and much more info on the Talking in Stations site here.

Season 3, Episode 8 — On this episode of Talking in Stations Ashley Traynor (Outfoxed) joins Silver, Ron and Artimus to discuss her popular blog Later in the show, Radamere Johanson from Machiavellian Empire in TEST gives his perspective fighting as a member of the Perimeter Police Department and juggling the often complicated war declaration mechanics in high sec. Other topics covered include discussion around the newly imposed taxes, an update on the southern war between TEST and Winter Coalition, and a teaser for the next round of Eve Aether Wars.

Ashley Traynor (Foxholers [Outfoxed])
Radamere Johanson (Machiavellian Empire [Test Alliance Please Ignore])

TIS Crew:
Artimus Albosa (A Blessed Bean [Pandemic Horde])
RonUSMC (Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore])
Silver Suspiria (Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising])

Talking in Stations

And if you instead want the full video experience of Ashy at 3am UK time then here you go.

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