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Featured by CCP!

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This is something I’ve known about for a bit and struggled to not tell anyone about but goddamn is it exciting 😀 I love working with CCP on things like this. Make sure you guys go read the post over there and check out the continued community spotlights as they come!

Hey Space Friends! 

For the upcoming weeks, we will be interviewing various EVE content creators and media to broaden the horizon for many players and to give them the recognition we feel they deserve. 

The first interview will be with Ashley Traynor, who owns a relatively new website, AshyIn.Space but has been around New Eden for years. She is a wormholer at heart but has ties to Gallente Militia and is currently running her corp called Foxholers. Being aware that running a corp is hard, Ash likes to remind players that she is probably the worst CEO in wh-space (someone has to take that crown). When flying with Ash, you’ll have to get used to random screams through comms which (usually) come from her pet cockatiel Freya. 


by CCP! Go read the rest over there!

Also for anyone curious, this is Freya:


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  1. Oh nice! Great to see they are reviving the Community Spotlight. There are so much good content out there that deserves to be seen. 🙂

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