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Ashy’s CSM Ballot

Big Nullsec blocs make ballots for their members all the time, and for CSM 16 I’ve finally decided to write my own post to help you decide who you should vote for. Don’t follow the null crowd, pick these candidates instead and place your null representatives in last. Your vote will trickle down anyway if fate decides that these top picks don’t get in.

To clarify that last point, the voting system allows you to pick multiple candidates ordered by preference. Your vote will move on if your top chosen candidate does not get enough votes. For that reason, it is better to place candidates in the following order to ensure a healthy game for all in the following year.

  1. Teddy Gbyc – Long-time wormholer, great FC, and someone with such an incredible amount of passion for EVE Online and the wormhole style of life. Full transparency, I’m also marrying him.
  1. Rixx Javix – A really nice guy, great artist, and the best option you’ve got to make lowsec great again. Rixx has been around a long time and really knows what is right for EVE.
  1. Mark Resurrectus – Another great wormholer. Mark hasn’t been around as long as Teddy, but he has just as much spirit and truly believes in creating a bright future for wormhole space and EVE as a whole.
  1. Stitch Kaneland – If there’s anyone else I would vouch for as knowing how to fit and knowing what changes would make EVE the best it can be, it would be Stitch. He’s one of the best theorycrafters around and deserves a seat as the brains at the table.
  1. Winzentowitsch Madevada – He’s another wormholer and a member of Parabellum. He’s higher up on the list than Evie as, being a member of a corp living in wormhole space, I feel that he is better placed to support our unique gameplay. Evie Kouvo is also a decent pick here if you prefer the Wingspan candidate.
  1. Suitonia – He’s been on the CSM before and I think he’ll manage it again, but he does deserve a place on the ballot. Suitonia is another great theorycrafter and he knows the game inside out.

How do you vote? Click here!

Not satisfied with my choices? I’d argue that you should vote for them anyway unless you have strong opinions on why not. The choices here are votes which will lead to a better EVE Online for everyone. If you prefer, you can check out all of Ashterothi’s interviews and links to candidate campaign threads instead. I definitely recommend you check out each candidate’s thread and interview

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  1. Marco Marco

    Hey. Thanks for your posts.
    You mixed Suitonia and Winzen links, they both point to Winzen

    • Thanks, will fix it 🙂

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