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As if Millions of Cynos Cried out in Terror

Now, I’m not exactly down with the kids, nor do I usually use much slang ironically, but it would appear that CCP Rise just “yeeted” cynos out the window. I even checked Urban Dictionary to be sure. As a dirty wormhole dweller with a null static, this is most definitely a good thing and you are never going to convince me otherwise. YEET.

So what actually happened?…

In plain English, from September: cynos will only be able to be fitted onto Force Recon Ships, and Black Ops Battleships. This means that you will no longer be able to save your carrier by hitting the cyno unless you light it with one of the following ships:

Rapier – [195m ISK]
Arazu – [190m ISK]
Falcon – [185m ISK]
Pilgrim –[230m ISK]

Panther – [1.07b ISK]
Sin – [940m ISK]
Widow – [940m ISK]
Redeemer – [1.1b ISK]

You can reed the actual update thread right here. In order to reduce the impact on jump frieghters, they will now be able to jump to covert ops cynos such as those lit by a throwaway Prospect. Remember any ship with a Covert Ops Cloak can have a Covert Ops Cyno (except the Stratios and Astero); you just need to have the cyno skill to five. Easy!

Thank you CCP Rise

In case it wasn’t clear, yes this means that you will no longer be able to spin up a fresh Noobship to cyno. Nor will you be able to sit a cyno hauler on the Keepstar. Whatever you cyno with has a minimum cost of almost 200m ISK and about 70 days of training time.

Given that, from experience, the standard nullsec response to a single roaming ship is measured in total supers, titans, and FAXes, I somehow don’t think that this cost is an issue. Maybe you shouldn’t be able to prevent gameplay with one button because you can’t be arsed to even try and fight back against a 5-man gang.

What, why would CCP dare take away my safety button?

Well, friend, because I know that most of the nullbears spewing salt (such as the one you can read to the left) don’t want to read then let’s go through the reasoning. For such a fundamental change to cyno behaviour there has to be a good reason for it, right?

lol, salt

They can be used on flocks of alts at nearly no risk or used by the largest and strongest ships in the game.
Yep that’s an obvious one. You can summon the might of a capital fleet with either a free ship, or the tankiest ships in New Eden. One of them doesn’t matter if it dies and the other probably will never die to a small gang under nine FAX reps.

With few options for cyno disruption, capital response time and power has grown to the point that it’s oppressing activity.

Absolutely. Like I said before, it has become far to prevalent that capital power can be projected around from a cyno without a second thought. Literally the evening before writing this my own 5-man Drekavac gang tackled a Thanatos on a Fortizar. Because we are so damn terrifying he had to drop a Ragnarok, Naglfar, Apostle, Minokawa, Rorqual, Nyx, and two more thannies. We retackled him and his buddies twice more only to take two more cyno drops including a Hel. Does that sound like it’s oppressing activity? It does to me.

This change will make it more complex and demanding to get capitals to the field quickly and give more strategic options for those wishing to disrupt capital response.

Obviously I agree with this and if you got this far you probably do too. Capital proliferation is a joke at this point. It’s like jump fatigue doesn’t even matter if there are seven dreads and reps ready to go 24/7. Changing which ships can use cynos technically won’t solve the issue, but it will mean that krabs need that extra step of having the cloaky Falcon ready to light. Not every carrier will do that, nor will every ratting Dominix. Even if they do, it adds a delay to the cyno and it gives me an extra 200m ISK kill to enjoy as a side dish.

Because there isn’t a huge amount more to be said without properly analysing the state of nullsec, feel free to browse this gallery of salt. If anything, I’d like to know why Kenny the Carebear here doesn’t approve. Why is it that so many people cry and shout “I’m unsubbing!” whenever there’s a change to make things more dangerous? Go play fucking Facebook games and Candy Crush, Kenny. Don’t you guys have phones?


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  1. I think you’re looking at the buy order price for those hulls, which is pure optimism at this point, and not the sell price in Jita, which has spiked up for all the force recons. I could have grabbed a Falcon for 290 million ISK earlier today, now in Jita they are half a billion ISK based on the news.

    The prices will probably settle down some after a people get production ramped up, but those will still be some expensive cynos.

  2. I tweeted this:

    I think this is a good way to make “Endgame”-Content worth it again. When you’re rich enough to inject a Titan-Char and play the ugly bad boy, you’re also rich enough to maintain a second account. If not, you’re not worth it to fly a capital.
    This is an amazing step-back to make the use of capitals interesting AND challanging again. Oh, you can’t jump your Rorqual? Ask your corpmates for a cyno. Don’t do everything with your own alts.

  3. ccp lol ccp lol

    You didn’t see the essence. That’s a stupid idea. What the ccp wants is to extend its account for 70 days to make a profit. There are too many game bills? Do you know why? Ccp drives this extreme without game currency because its currency, flex, is sold in cash. This game is falling apart. For your little gang. LOL

    • Looks like one of the salty ones has arrived at my blog… And without proper reasoning or thought either. Who would have guessed?

  4. T'rahk Rokym T'rahk Rokym

    Juts wondering. You’re telling that any ships with a covert cloack can fit a covert cyno but if i remember well the astero and the stratios can both fit a covert ops cloack but it’s not written in the ship description that they can use a covert cyno. CCP mistake?

    • My mistake, I hardly use those two in particular so it slipped my mind.
      Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll update the article 🙂

  5. Mechain Mechain

    *Ditto Jezaja & Wilhelm Arcturus

    Adapt or die

  6. Arashi Arashi

    Oh noes null sec’ers will have to work to rule over their fiefdoms instead of relying on auto intel scripts(that local detector thing ive heard of) which kinda seems like cheating to me and now will have to use specialised ships to use the i win button instead of herpa derping a fuck you cap fleet. I feel so sad for those lazy buggers who have grown fat in their complacency. oh wait no i dont good on CCP for having the stones to go ahead with it

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