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…And a Happy New Year

Just a short and sweet post here, my friends. The type of post I find is typical of the traditional “blog”, and one that I rarely write. I see this as more of a site about guides and fitting theory these days anyway. It helps to write about things which can be looked back on with either historical significance or as solid guides for years to come. As the year comes to an end I had a few things to say and what better time than now?

For starters, I want to thank everyone for the (roughly 70,000) views and love that I’ve had over the past eight months or so. This site originally began as a place to host my own content in case Crossing Zebras properly died. I’m by no means a “proper” journalist, but it doesn’t hurt to save my written works somewhere that’s a little more under my own control.

Over time, the site became more of an actual blog and somehow I started writing pieces every week or so. if anyone’s curious, each new piece garners about 900 views on average. I get more if I post on Reddit and that number can swing wildly up or down anyway. It may not be as popular a format as Youtube is these days, but I’m not the next Squishy or Rhiload. Here’s a snippet of blog stats for you:

Highest Views on a Day:
Release of How 2 Krab – 3,198

Top Search Terms (Only captures 1% of them)

Followed by:
Guest Post: How EVE Online… – 2,067

Top Five Posts by Viewcount
How 2 Krab Part 4: The Abyss – 6,452
How 2 Krab Part 5: High-Class Sites – 6,089
How 2 Krab Part 3: Low-Class Sites – 5,889
How 2 Krab Part 2: Hacking & Planetary Interaction – 3,417
Guest Post: How EVE Online Landed Me My Dream Career – 3,181

Two Surprise Hits (and why I never know what Reddit actually WANTS)
Fit Kitchen: No Local Edition – 2,721
Fit Kitchen: The New VNI – 2,405

Lowest Rated Non-News Post
The Finer Points of Warp Speed – 186
I think I put more effort into this than many others! I tried to break down the maths simply and there is some interesting stuff so I definitely recommend it 🙂

Outside of my blog we obviously have the recent #MyEVE2019 videos! I want to take the chance here to say that they’re absolutely fantastic. The “results” are very interesting to see and the format makes it both interesting and easy to share. Bravo CCP; hoping to see more funky things like this in the future. You can check out mine below, no spoilers!

ALWAYS take the bait

For this coming year, I plan on looking into making fitting guides for every. single. ship. in. EVE. Online. When you consider that EVE Uni already has this it isn’t so impressive.. but a conversation about every ship with detailed theorycrafting of all of its stats is no small task. I already spend hours on my current Fit Kitchen articles. Perhaps I’ll even run for CSM, who knows?

Hope you all had a wonderful 2019, and an even better 2020, both inside and out of New Eden. Fly safe guys, love ya o/

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  1. Ha, Reddit!
    What a lovely place to spread Eve content to.
    I have also noted the clicks you can get from over there.
    And thanks for reminding me, I need to make another post about my numbers as well. I wonder how 2019 actually was compared to 2018…

    • If I post over there I typically turn off inbox replies and never look at the thread again. The pure hostility and toxicity against *anything* that isn’t a 5-second meme video or MS Paint image….

  2. Big Badaboom Big Badaboom

    Bravissima!!! Looking forward to the fits!

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